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Booking and Cancelling Policy:
A 30% deposit at the time of booking is required. All deposits are refundable only if reservations are cancelled a full 30 days prior to the date of arrival. A 15% fee will be charged on a cancellation.








From April 21 to May 31

Tall Tales and Special Gems on the Bay of Fundy

-Two night stay at Gulliver’s Retreat priced for four people
-You will arrive at the cottage and enjoy local wine and a cheese &cracker tray

We will take a walk out to a beautiful look-off, overlooking the Bay of Fundy and learn more about the pirate “Cutthroat” Gulliver from a local storyteller, who will re-enact a story of what life must have been like living with the crew and pirate Gulliver’s wife.

Then take a stroll on the beach with Wanda and examine varieties of quartz and rocks before and after they are sand-tumbled. Then see the actual stones when they are completed. Become immersed in local culture, facts and legends and get a birds-eye view of the rip tide.

This package is priced at
$344.00 +HST for four people.



2 Night Stay

Whale watching package

On arrival unwind with cheese, crackers and wine. In the morning a breakfast basket with a variety of goods. Then explore Digby Neck as you adventure for a whale watching tour with Petit Passage. The next morning enjoy another breakfast basket before you depart.

Price is per person

2 people -- $288.00 + HST

4 people -- $265.00 + HST

6 people -- $246.00 + HST


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2 Night Stay

Leisure Package

On arrival enjoy a cracker and seafood dip tray with wine. In the evening take a walk along our shoreline and enjoy the soothing sounds of the Bay of Fundy. The next morning enjoy a deluxe breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast, tea and coffee prepared by you at your convenience. Then tour Digby Neck and Islands.

Then enjoy a leisurely lunch at Petit Passage Cafe. On your last morning enjoy a breakfast basket before you depart.


Price is per person

2 people $263.00 + HST

4 people $239.00 + HST

6 people $236.00 + HST


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Basic Rates

Nestled in the quaint fishing village of Gulliver’s Cove on Digby Neck, this tastefully decorated bungalow hosts one of the finest views that Nova Scotia has to offer.


Come experience the soothing sounds of the ocean. Feel refreshed as you breathe in the clean salt air. Relax as you step away from life’s everyday stresses. Make this holiday one you’ll want to re-visit time and time again.


Summer Season (May 1 - September 31)

Day: $165.00

Week: $1155.00

Off Season (October 1 - April 31)

Day: $145.00

Week: $1000.00

2 nights minimum stay


Rates are for 4 people stay. For additional person, $10.00 per person per night.

Please Note: Due to new Government regulations, levy charges of $2 extra per night will be applied.

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